Where to buy the best pellets?

EKO STEP PELLET d.o.o. is engaged in the production of beech pellets, and our primary goal is the wholesale of the pellets and further distribution to specialized distributers of wooden pellets.

Below is the list of retail outlets, where you can buy our beech pellets, in Serbia.

Retail outlets in Serbia

KrnjačaStepanović-Šipka d.o.o.
Pelet centar Krnjača - Zrenjaninski put 84 c
Nova PazovaStepanović-Šipka d.o.o.
Pelet centar Nova Pazova - Industrijska zona bb
GrockaStepanović-Šipka d.o.o.
Pelet centar Grocka - Partizanski put 1.
Petrovac na MlaviDonosa NM d.o.o.
Donosa NM d.o.o. - Ul. Petra Dobrnjca 33
063/219-577, 064/642-6633

Price of pellets

What is pellet


Eko Step pellet d.o.o.
Srpskih vladara br. 3
12 300 Petrovac na Mlavi,
+381 12 430-200

Office in Belgrade

Eko Step pellet d.o.o.
Ulica Vojvode Stepe 18
11 000 Beograd,
+ 381 11 3980505
+381 62 307 018

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