The price of pellets Serbia

The price of pellets

The price of pellets is divided into two seasons, summer and winter. The purchase of the pellets is best done after the heating season. The price of the pellets is then at its lowest, i.e. the pellets are then the cheapest. The difference in the price of the pellets between the two seasons can range up to 30-40 Euros per ton. Therefore, it is better to purchase the pellet off-season, when the price of the beech pellets is lower. The customers can thus make a significant savings in the price difference that exists in that period. The price of the pellets also depends on the quantity, and the larger the quantity ordered, the higher the economic profitability of the purchased pellets.

We sell the pellets throughout Serbia. The pellets are packed in 15 kg bags, and there are 70 bags on the pallet, e.i. 1050 kg of the pellets. Also in "big bag" 1030 kg bags.

The purchase of the beech pellets is available at our factory, and in the widespread network of pellet retailers.

The retail price of the pellets is formed depending on the numerous production factors.

The retail price per kilogram is formed several times a year

Here you can download the resolution on the retail price per kilogram.

See where you can buy pellets in Serbia..

Wholesale pellet prices

Eko Step d.o.o. is mainly focused on the wholesale of 100% beech pellets which is produced in our factory based in Petrovac na Mlavi, 3 Srpskih Vladara street.

The wholesale price of pellets depends on the amount of pellets ordered. For all information, please contact us.

It is also possible to buy smaller quantities of beech pellets at our factory.

Where to buy

What is pellet


Eko Step pellet d.o.o.
Srpskih vladara br. 3
12 300 Petrovac na Mlavi,
+381 12 430-200

Office in Belgrade

Eko Step pellet d.o.o.
Ulica Vojvode Stepe 18
11 000 Beograd,
+ 381 11 3980505
+381 62 307 018

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