Bukov pelet pakovanje od 15 kg

Beech pellets - 15 kg packaging

The beech pellet, which we produce in our factory, is the best pellet you can find on the market in Serbia.

Our pellets are made exclusively of beech wood using contemporary methods. Our pellet is 100% local product, with no import raw materials.

The pellets are made according to strict European standards, we have the ISO certificate.

Our pellet characteristics

  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Length: 3.15
  • Moisture: < 10%
  • Ashes: < 1,2%
  • Net calorific value: >16,5MJ/kg
  • Quality standard: ISO 17225-2
  • Net: 15 kg+-1%

Where to purchase pellet in Serbia

You can buy pellet directly from our factory in Petrovac na Mlavi, or in one of the retail outlets all over Serbia.

List of retail outlets in Serbia.

Price of beech pellet

The price of pellet is formed depending on the season, and it can vary. It is best to get the pellet early, before the heating season.

Beech pellet pricelist.

There is also a larger packaging

Beech pellets are also packed into 1030 kg bags. Beech pellets packed into 1030 kg bags.

Where to buy

Price of pellets

What is pellet


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Office in Belgrade

Eko Step pellet d.o.o.
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